[cairo-bugs] [Bug 20779] text improperly positioned - scaled font glyph device transform misapplied

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Tue Mar 24 10:16:16 PDT 2009


--- Comment #9 from Tony Garland <tony3 at GarlandConsulting.us>  2009-03-24 10:16:15 PST ---
I've added two patchsets.

The first one is the original patch from several years back which allows the
use of freetype fonts decoupled from a dependence upon fontconfig.

The second patchset shows further changes made to cleanly compile the first
patches with cairo 1.8.6.

If, on glancing at the patches, you feel there is enough going on that I
somehow introduced a subtlety that would cause glyph offsets (device_transform)
to be handled incorrectly, then please don't waste more time on it.  But it
isn't at all obvious to me how the changes would affect that area.  (Then
again, I'm not versed in the cairo code base like you are.)

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