[cairo-bugs] [Bug 21543] wrong font weight for some Win32 fonts in PDF output

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Tue May 5 06:43:50 PDT 2009


--- Comment #3 from Adrian Johnson <ajohnson at redneon.com>  2009-05-05 06:43:48 PST ---
As there is no Arial Unicode Bold font, Windows synthesises the bold from Arial
Unicode. In the PDF backend the fonts are embedded by obtaining the TrueType
font data from Windows. The problem here is that when the TrueType font data
for a synthetic font is requested, Windows provides the font data for the base
font that was used to create the synthetic font.

Testing your example with TrueType font subsetting in cairo disabled produces
the correct result since it forces cairo to embed a new font created from the
outlines returned by GetGlyphOutline(). This suggests that disabling TrueType
subsetting for synthetic fonts would be a reasonable solution. However I am
unable to find any way of determining if the selected font is synthetic.

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