[cairo-bugs] [Bug 19655] Cairo asserts on font-face destroy (SIGABRT)

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--- Comment #9 from Graham Westlake <graham.westlake at avid.com>  2009-10-05 06:19:14 PST ---
I'm also seeing this bug on Snow Leopard (10.6.1) using Cairo 1.8.8. Exactly
the same stack.

I'm writing an app to evaluate Cairo performance. I find that the crash is
triggered after a large number of pieces of text are drawn into the same
window. My repeatable case does the following

Upon window update event: 
-- create cairo surface and context from the supplied CGContext
-- for many text items, using the same font name but a new size:
---- draw text using cairo_select_font_face and cairo_show_text

I generate an update event by resizing the window and the crash will occur
within a few resizes.

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