[cairo-bugs] [Bug 23170] It's better to add an option to generate uncompressed content for PDF.

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--- Comment #1 from Lance <lliu at microstrategy.com>  2009-09-21 02:27:20 PST ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> In cairo 1.8.8, cairo-pdf-surface.c, Line 275, I found the following code.
>     surface->compress_content = TRUE;
> I think it's better to add a new API to set this option so that user can get
> uncompressed content if they want.

In cairo-pdf-surface.c, I found more hard coded code for "compressed"
parameter, such as Line 1386, 1496, 1504, 1755, 3012, 3181, 3336. I suggest
replacing these hard coded "TRUE" or "FALSE" by an internal variable. Then we
can add one public API to set this internal variable. The new API may looks
like follows.
cairo_public void 
cairo_surface_set_PDF_compressed (cairo_surface_t *surface, bool compressed);

Since our application needs uncompressed PDF output, it would be appreciated if
the API above can be added to later versions of cairo.


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