[cairo-bugs] [Bug 26019] evince creates ps that my printer can't print

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Tue Jan 12 23:28:44 PST 2010


--- Comment #2 from Adrian Johnson <ajohnson at redneon.com>  2010-01-12 23:28:41 PST ---
The attachment is a PDF file, probably because CUPS has switched to using PDF
as the printing format. Your version of evince may be printing as PDF when
printing to a CUPS printer. If it is printing as PS, CUPS will convert it to
PDF before passing through its internal filters. It is only at the end of the
filter chain that it is converted to PS or whatever format is required for

You will need to do some further debugging to narrow down the cause. There are
too many applications involved here (evince, poppler, cairo, CUPS) to be able
to say it is a cairo bug.

Some things you can try:

- print to PDF from evince then print the file with lpr
- print to PS from evince then print with lpr and lpr -o raw (bypasses CUPS
- print from other applications to PS then print the PS with lpr -o raw. If it
works attach the PS output here.

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