[cairo-bugs] [Bug 26019] evince creates ps that my printer can't print

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--- Comment #5 from David Schleef <ds at schleef.org>  2010-01-13 01:22:53 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> The cairo generated PS works but there is a bug in either poppler or cairo.
> Does the PS file render correctly with evince or gv?


> > lpr original_file.pdf: works
> Using poppler to generate the PS from the original PDF works.

This also exhibits the rendering problem above.

> > evince print to file PDF, lpr output.pdf: printer stalls on page 4.
> Using poppler to generate PS from a poppler/cairo generated PDF does not work.
> If this PDF renders fine with evince/gv/acroread it points to a problem in
> poppler. In this case I can see that poppler is using a very different method
> of embedding images in PS compared with pdftops original.pdf. I have know idea
> why it is doing this. The first step to debugging it would be to find/create a
> simpler test case. If you can use something like eog/inkscape/openoffice to
> create a PDF containing a single image that triggers the bug it would a lot be
> easier to work with.

Will do this tomorrow.

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