[cairo-bugs] [Bug 23333] Mismatches hinting at certain glyph pixelsizes.

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Wed Jan 13 06:30:22 PST 2010


--- Comment #24 from Jud Craft <craftjml+freedesktopbugs at gmail.com>  2010-01-13 06:30:20 PST ---
I just tried running CentOS 5.4, which has Cairo 1.2.4, I believe (from the
package manager).  It has the same problem, so this goes pretty far back.

With one difference:  in Cairo 1.2.4, 96DPI looks nearly perfect, with slight
hinting functioning almost flawlessly.  But all of the metric hinting problems
are evident in 72DPI instead.

It's probably crazy to diff 1.2.5 against 1.8.8, but at some point the hinting
process must have changed to shift inaccuracies from 72DPI to 96DPI.  At any
rate, it's only different, not fixed - the true problem seems really old.

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