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--- Comment #4 from Havoc Pennington <hp at pobox.com> 2010-09-28 15:23:13 PDT ---
After thinking about this for a bit I like the idea of a damage API on surface,
if you have a Damage object per subscriber then each subscriber gets their own
damage region and the only overhead in cairo_surface_t could be one pointer for
the head of a list of Damage objects. Also you avoid worrying about generic
signals (callback lists) since each Damage object could just support a single
notifier function.

For cairo_context_t it seems like you'd get into what "counts" as a change ?
Maybe you end up wanting the equivalent of a damage object:

 CairoContextChanges { 
    unsigned int matrix_changed : 1;
    unsigned int font_changed : 1;
    // ... etc. 

cairo_context_changes_t* changes_create();
changes_get_matrix_changed() // changed since reset

and just like surface damage object, have a changes_set_notify().

Maybe both surface and context "change trackers" should be named the same,



just thinking out loud.

But yeah, the change serial is definitely a lot simpler and gives you a global
"are caches invalid?" flag that's already useful.

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