[cairo-bugs] [Bug 41482] an alternative approach for faster rendering using GL/GLES with None AA or default AA

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--- Comment #1 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk> 2011-10-11 03:57:18 PDT ---
Ok, the most important question is "how do I know when to use MSAA?" On the
inferior Intel hardware, it neither supports MSAA nor does it render triangles
well and spans is still generally faster than traps. ;-)

I'd like to only enable the MSAA compositor if we have sufficient GL support
for MSAA and to only use MSAA if antialias != CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_FAST. We can
debate whether or not to enable it by default when we can judge it on its

Be careful not to call the compositor->delegate->*() functions directly, they
may be NULL! Just return CAIRO_INT_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED and let the wrapper call
then delegate. (At first I did the delegation directly as you did here, but
then decided that a NULL delegate was indeed useful.)

Perhaps the zeroth patch should be to introduce the MSAA compositor that does
nothing but delegate, but is only installed if we decide we have adequate GL

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