[cairo-bugs] [Bug 51910] Surface based patterns are drawn incorrectly when using non-default pattern matrix

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Mon Jul 9 15:13:14 PDT 2012


--- Comment #5 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk> 2012-07-09 15:13:14 PDT ---
This is the essence of the bug:

000:<:0028: 16: Request(53): CreatePixmap depth=0x18 pid=0x01400006
drawable=0x01400001 width=16 height=1                                    
000:<:002a: 88: Request(72): PutImage format=ZPixmap(0x02) drawable=0x01400006
gc=0x01400004 width=16 height=1 dst-x=0 dst-y=0 left-pad=0x00 depth=0x18
000:<:002c: 20: RENDER-Request(149,4): CreatePicture pid=0x01400007
drawable=0x01400006 format=0x0000002a values={}                
000:<:002e: 44: RENDER-Request(149,28): SetPictureTransform picture=0x01400007
000:<:0030: 16: RENDER-Request(149,30): SetPictureFilter picture=0x01400007
name='good' values=;                                            
000:<:0032: 16: RENDER-Request(149,5): ChangePicture picture=0x01400007
000:<:0034: 64: RENDER-Request(149,10): Trapezoids op=Over(0x03) src=0x01400007
xSrc=3 ySrc=17 dst=0x01400002 maskFormat=0x00000024 trapezoids={top=32.000000
bottom=64.000000 left={x1=3.500000 y1=32.000000 x2=3.500000 y2=64.000000};
right={x1=256.000000 y1=32.000000 x2=256.000000 y2=64.000000};};
000:<:0036:  8: RENDER-Request(149,7): FreePicture picture=0x01400007

we create a repeating 16x1 source image for the second row (and similar for the
first) instead of the full 32x32. So the calculation of the required source
size is incorrect.

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