[cairo-bugs] [Bug 56525] Printer output inconsistent, shifted up in Windows

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> Should I move this bug to GTK's bugzilla?

I have not seen any evidence that cairo is at fault.

It would help if you could do more tests to isolate the cause. Your test case
is using three different libraries that could affect the printout - cairo, gtk,
and pango.

I don't currently have a gtk development environment on windows set up so all I
can do is offer some suggestions.

Try using cairo by itself to create pdf and postscript files with a rectangle.
Print them out and use a ruler to check the size and position is correct. Cairo
uses points (1/72 inch) for units. You printer accepts pdf and ps so you can
bypass cups and print directly with lpr -l. CUPS may do scaling depending on
how it is configured so it is important to print directly to the printer.

Try printing the pdf from windows and check the dimensions. If using Adobe
Reader ensure that the scale option in the print dialog is set to None.

Convert the stand along cairo program to use gtkprint and check the results.

If the rectangle size and position is correct you could repeat the tests with
some text. I suggest installing the same font on Linux and Windows for the

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