[cairo-bugs] [Bug 56574] WebKit crash regression observed in Cairo commit cd1004ce1

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> (In reply to comment #13)
> > * scratches head.
> > 
> > That should be impossible... The next task is working out where exactly we
> > decide we cannot use the span compositor to draw the stroke. The clue has to
> > be cd1004ce.
> The recursion crash is gone in 1.12.4 and 1.12.6, some later commit made it
> go away. 

Not intentionally. If it is easy enough, can you do a reversed bisect to find
the fix? I still think that recursion should be prevented by design, so
indicates a real bug somewhere that may just be masked.

> What I also tried is applying your fix from bug 56432 and try the first two
> test cases again. Rendering of
> fast/borders/borderRadiusAllStylesAllCorners.html is improved (i.e. no round
> joins anymore), but still too thick stroking and some double/overlay/extra
> stroking in incorrect places.

Right, that's the bizarreness in the rendering I see in the attached trace.

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