[cairo-bugs] [Bug 49719] Assert failures in cairo-surface.c on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04

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Tue Sep 18 14:47:33 PDT 2012


--- Comment #16 from Sergio <sergiocmailbox-freedesktop at yahoo.com.br> 2012-09-18 21:47:33 UTC ---
Sorry, I see this is marked as invalid.
I tested the Fedora 18 live-cd with cairo 1.12.2-3.fc18 and webkitgtk's browser
crashed with

GtkLauncher: cairo-surface.c:1591: cairo_surface_set_device_offset: Assertion
`status == CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS' failed.

But now back in my F17 installed system I tried webkitgtk3 browser and this one
works properly in https://launchpad.net [note it's the gtk3 browser instead of
the gtk(2)]

I suspect I must bother someone in webkit.org about this then but I'm posting
just in case anyone has any additional info on this.


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