[cairo-bugs] [Bug 63633] Markers in svg exported as pixels

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--- Comment #2 from Heye <glxhf at bristol.ac.uk> ---
Sorry, I don't know how to test with cairo git master but here is how you can
reproduce the bug:

Open gnumeric and put in numbers in a few cells, select them and then create a
chart. As chart type you can use anything that has markers, e.g. an x-y plot.
After you created the chart right-click on it and choose 'save as image'. This
will allow you to export the image as svg. If you now open the saved image with
a vector graphics programme you will see that axis labels and lines are vectors
whereas the markers consist of pixels. They used to be vectors, too, but some
change must have caused them to be exported as pixels which looks quite messy.

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