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--- Comment #4 from Uli Schlachter <psychon at znc.in> ---
Being too slow to read comments, I tested with gnumeric. Since I had no
starting point, I used something ancient (I think it was 1.8). The problem is
reproducible. Git bisect points fingers at:

$ git bisect bad
99fa5ff6c211b96326484f80fe91ead0860c3a23 is the first bad commit
commit 99fa5ff6c211b96326484f80fe91ead0860c3a23
Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
Date:   Sat Aug 13 20:07:57 2011 +0100

    snapshot: Defer acquisition

    Fixes 'xlib-expose-event' but triggers an infinite loop in self-copy.

    Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>

:040000 040000 a0f06d6d96ce43760c2b3283a2fbd0fbbb42b8ef
b394682c7b781c5b9021fb8740717d756415b118 M    src

So that it doesn't get lost, here is the bisect log (all the skips are due to
cairo-debug.c:37:41: fatal error: cairo-image-surface-private.h: No such file
or directory):

git bisect start
# good: [6b3aa86b1c5b2fce3e56b43142c4ec2664a37032] Increment cairo version to
git bisect good 6b3aa86b1c5b2fce3e56b43142c4ec2664a37032
# bad: [e66e9ac12e3e11af76f14e8de3cfee72d4299864] win32: fix corrupted drawing
git bisect bad e66e9ac12e3e11af76f14e8de3cfee72d4299864
# good: [2325d755b03958d8ead9a995c0d1d03e4f93af0c] gl: Pretty print the error
git bisect good 2325d755b03958d8ead9a995c0d1d03e4f93af0c
# good: [b11b89e8e0c6cb0a05c9de69e3235bedc0c27756] pdf: check if smask is
bilevel and encode as such
git bisect good b11b89e8e0c6cb0a05c9de69e3235bedc0c27756
# bad: [38a242a380d24c669f10dd542c3bab606434b8ad] spans,image,gl: Add fast-path
for simple copies
git bisect bad 38a242a380d24c669f10dd542c3bab606434b8ad
# bad: [30eac7b2c5a3a2a9c5de4886cdd38666ef19cddb] test: Add
git bisect bad 30eac7b2c5a3a2a9c5de4886cdd38666ef19cddb
# bad: [0101a545793291d0fe76b765ba8392ade5faa1a1] time: Add cairo_time_t type
git bisect bad 0101a545793291d0fe76b765ba8392ade5faa1a1
# bad: [8f99e926c8b1a8fa7f7e0d828a96bac6dc1fe39c] paginated: unwrap subsurfaces
during context creation
git bisect bad 8f99e926c8b1a8fa7f7e0d828a96bac6dc1fe39c
# good: [e7bd4c93e320325b09e6a2cc8c3d9547c7b0d1f2] util/show-traps: Cache the
rendering of the traps+edges
git bisect good e7bd4c93e320325b09e6a2cc8c3d9547c7b0d1f2
# skip: [73b87334a401a7705f674429d55bb5d0bc559c17] surface: Don't modify
git bisect skip 73b87334a401a7705f674429d55bb5d0bc559c17
# skip: [487c5e4d3a5aa5e723bd7b5d418a6b7a9313f5a8] recording: replay_all is
meant to mean REPLAY && ALL!
git bisect skip 487c5e4d3a5aa5e723bd7b5d418a6b7a9313f5a8
# skip: [6d1c0e6d28ef61efbfa8f06f13840fd151cfb07e] Fix pollution from skia
git bisect skip 6d1c0e6d28ef61efbfa8f06f13840fd151cfb07e
# good: [a3d2d5b42b769241e888a34c3edd015619560431] script: Remove reference to
git bisect good a3d2d5b42b769241e888a34c3edd015619560431
# skip: [4862aadb0fd1e5b7ea2710d56ff4984f3761611d] surface-wrapper: Initialise
clip to NULL
git bisect skip 4862aadb0fd1e5b7ea2710d56ff4984f3761611d
# good: [02da8c7efb007d046f95456734968d7e9335a7af] default-context: Tidy
git bisect good 02da8c7efb007d046f95456734968d7e9335a7af
# skip: [9d5d46e8466f9417febfdefef6707bae9818b02d] bo-rect: One step too far...
git bisect skip 9d5d46e8466f9417febfdefef6707bae9818b02d
# bad: [8a90b22897b6460b3396b9959383131039bd9ce2] subsurface+recording: handle
git bisect bad 8a90b22897b6460b3396b9959383131039bd9ce2
# bad: [bca9400aec5c11e402758a2e06c8be560e64b78f] recording: break self-copy
git bisect bad bca9400aec5c11e402758a2e06c8be560e64b78f
# skip: [a37ed264ed96d1b9f5ebc634d64137b71872c762] pdf: Propagate NOTHING_TO_DO
git bisect skip a37ed264ed96d1b9f5ebc634d64137b71872c762
# skip: [279f6ceb595412bef165a808f05caa3044ef102c] Only reduce the clip if it
is not in active use for the operation
git bisect skip 279f6ceb595412bef165a808f05caa3044ef102c
# good: [be1ff2f45fdbc69537e513834fcffa0435e63073] xlib: Set the clip_region
for glyphs
git bisect good be1ff2f45fdbc69537e513834fcffa0435e63073
# skip: [ed324fb3a114faeab4b7844869d2269892a2417e] recording-surface: Don't
store the transient error when returning the path
git bisect skip ed324fb3a114faeab4b7844869d2269892a2417e
# good: [2e545672ba14fb49455ce501ded21efd18df1a65] perf/micro: diagonal lines
git bisect good 2e545672ba14fb49455ce501ded21efd18df1a65
# skip: [afe84fa77f392a9748319efee01db6b3c6d870fb] pdf: Compute fill-stroke
extents first before trying to use it to set the clip
git bisect skip afe84fa77f392a9748319efee01db6b3c6d870fb
# skip: [1ccd269a3f33684bfbedcd94ad9bca56b1404143] skia: Update to use
cairo_backend_t interface
git bisect skip 1ccd269a3f33684bfbedcd94ad9bca56b1404143
# skip: [829eabfc9531a3e4490760b6bbd33286cd280e95] test/line-width: Refactor
and tidy
git bisect skip 829eabfc9531a3e4490760b6bbd33286cd280e95
# good: [79aa04fd50463629b3ab2e2efbcd8084038f6c09] ps: use deflate compression
for ps level 3
git bisect good 79aa04fd50463629b3ab2e2efbcd8084038f6c09
# bad: [4a990925e91a91c1d9d5a81f5ad91c1000bf5cce] script: Support unbounded
native recording surfaces
git bisect bad 4a990925e91a91c1d9d5a81f5ad91c1000bf5cce
# bad: [99fa5ff6c211b96326484f80fe91ead0860c3a23] snapshot: Defer acquisition
git bisect bad 99fa5ff6c211b96326484f80fe91ead0860c3a23

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