[cairo-bugs] [Bug 67739] Printing from evince results in segfault

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Thu Aug 8 10:02:55 PDT 2013


--- Comment #6 from stefan.weichselbaumer at googlemail.com ---

> Are you able to build cairo with debugging enabled? The attached gdb and 
> valgrind reports are not very useful without the debug information.

I am currently trying to build cairo with debugging enabled and redo the tests.

> If you have poppler-glib-demo installed you could see if that reproduces the 
> bug.

The bug does not occur in poppler-glib-demo. If tried printing to file and to a
real printer and it both works. Curiously, if I now try to print the "printed"
PDF from poppler-glib-demo in evince it passes the test. Is there a way to do
diffs on PDF files?

> Does printing to a pdf file cause the bug or do you have to print to a real 
> printer?

Does not matter. Occurs in both types.

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