[cairo-bugs] [Bug 60519] cairo_surface_create_similar_image seems to always fail for the win32 display backend

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Fri Feb 8 14:42:58 PST 2013


--- Comment #2 from Partha Bagchi <partha1b at gmail.com> ---
I don't know what you mean by "compile check"? Can you explain? What do I need
to do to "compile check"?

This bug, based on your patch, is preventing a Windows Gimp 2.9 build.

I read on Gthumb site
advocating that cairo_surface_create_similar_image() not be used. If I follow
that advice and modify gimpdisplayxfer.c thusly:

  // cairo_surface_create_similar_image (cairo_get_target (cr),
                                                // CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32, w, h);
            cairo_image_surface_create (CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32, w, h);

it seems to compile and work fine on Windows. Is this a viable solution or
should I try something else?


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