[cairo-bugs] [Bug 59264] 'xcb_generic_error_t' has no member named 'major_code' and no member named 'minor_code'

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--- Comment #1 from Uli Schlachter <psychon at znc.in> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> Xcb is version 1.9. The compiler option -Wimplicit-function-declaration is
> needed or this error will be reported:
> 	cairo-xcb-shm.c: In function '_cairo_xcb_connection_allocate_shm_info':
> 	cairo-xcb-shm.c:177: error: implicit declaration of function
> 'xcb_discard_reply'
> 	cairo-xcb-shm.c:177: warning: nested extern declaration of
> 'xcb_discard_reply'

Are you really, really, really sure that this is xcb 1.9? And there is no older
version of xcb laying around somewhere? The function xcb_discard_reply() was
added in libxcb 1.6.

> With the above configuration I ran into this error:
> 	cairo-boilerplate-xcb.c: In function '_cairo_boilerplate_xcb_handle_errors':
> 	cairo-boilerplate-xcb.c:59: error: 'xcb_generic_error_t' has no member
> named 'major_code'
> 	cairo-boilerplate-xcb.c:59: error: 'xcb_generic_error_t' has no member
> named 'minor_code'
> 	make[5]: *** [cairo-boilerplate-xcb.lo] Error 1
> 	make[4]: *** [../boilerplate/libcairoboilerplate.la] Error 2
> Is my Xcb version too up-to-date?

Apparently not. These fields are even older and were added in libxcb 1.4

> How can I make the "macros" CC etc. display the complete line of invocation?

I am not sure. It was either "make VERBOSE=1" or "make V=1". You can also pass
--disable-silent-rules to ./configure.

How many versions of libxcb do you have laying around? With "locate xcb.pc" you
should at least be able to find all the xcb pkg-config files.

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