[cairo-bugs] [Bug 66871] segmentation fault when using cairo_show_text inside evince backend

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Sat Jul 13 14:13:19 PDT 2013


--- Comment #4 from Hodong Kim <cogniti at gmail.com> ---
Librsvg uses pango for text rendering.
I have tested with librsvg inside evince sample backend.
It also occurs segmentation fault.


PKG_CHECK_MODULES(EXAMPLE, [pangocairo librsvg-2.0])


#include <librsvg/rsvg.h>
#include <librsvg/rsvg-cairo.h>

static void
draw_svg(cairo_t *cr)
    GError *error = NULL;
    RsvgHandle *handle;

    rsvg_set_default_dpi (72.0);
    handle = rsvg_handle_new_from_file
("/home/cogniti/projects/libexample/sample.svg", &error);
    if (error != NULL)
        printf (error->message);

    rsvg_handle_render_cairo (handle, cr);

gboolean example_page_render (ExamplePage *page, cairo_t *cr)
    g_return_val_if_fail (EXAMPLE_IS_PAGE (page), FALSE);
/*  draw_text (cr);*/
/*  draw_sample (cr);*/
    return TRUE;


<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" version="1.1">
  <text x="10" y="20" style="fill:black;">"The quick brown fox jumps over the
lazy dog" is an English-language pangram—a phrase
    <tspan x="10" y="45">that contains all of the letters of the English
alphabet. It has been used to test typewriters and computer keyboards,</tspan>
    <tspan x="10" y="70">and in other applications involving all of the letters
in the English alphabet. Owing to its brevity and coherence,</tspan>
    <tspan x="10" y="95">it has become widely known.</tspan>

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