[cairo-bugs] [Bug 60496] Gimp shows strange behaviour with cairo

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Sun Jun 30 09:33:24 PDT 2013


--- Comment #4 from Hartmut Kuhse <hk_priv at gmx.de> ---
I compiled 
pixman 1.31.1
cairo 1.12.15
all packages latest git-source.
The slowlyness with a pen with gimp is still there.
I made two videos that describes ist better:
This one with 
cairo 1.11.2
pixman 1.31.1


The behaviour is pretty good. The drawing follows the cursor.

This one with 
cairo 1.12.15
pixman 1.31.1


The drawing cannot follow the cursor and makes somewhat 'jumps' to follow

That only happens with a pen. The speed with the mouse is as good as with cairo
The change is with 1.12.0, the version 1.11.2 is the last usable version for
windows (1.11.4 crashes immediately)

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