[cairo-bugs] [Bug 57379] [gl, glesv2] Cannot build with --gl and --glesv2

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--- Comment #10 from Ravi Nanjundappa <nravi.n at samsung.com> ---
As mentioned by Bryce in comment #9, if we enable --enable-gl --enable-glesv2
we get the error mentioned by Joe. 
And if we apply the patch applied from comment #2, we get multiple definitions

I feel its because of this. 
In src/cairo-gl.h file, some of the apis are declared within
conditional macros, for glx and egl respectively. But other apis declarations
like cairo_gl_surface_create() etc. are defined within CAIRO_HAS_GL_SURFACE ||
CAIRO_HAS_GLESV2_SURFACE. As per this, these apis are coming for both gl
(--enable-gl) and for glesv2 (--enable-glesv2) so the reason for multiple
definitions problem. 
But this also sounds good. Because these generic apis should be available for
both gl and glesv2 configurations. 

So, to avoid such a condition, I feel it would be good if we use either, 
--enable-gl --enable-glx (for gl ) OR --enable-egl --enable-glesv2 (for

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