[cairo-bugs] [Bug 77405] Disappearing characters with big fonts and disabled antialiasing

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Tue Apr 15 05:55:57 PDT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Jan Janecek <janjanjanx at gmail.com> ---
This is weird. Now I am on my laptop and I can't reproduce the bug either.
I am sure the bug happens on my home PC as I described, however I won't have
acces to the PC for next few days.
Looks like the bug is affected by something else (I guess it can be anything
from gpu drivers to libpango and gtk2 version). On home PC I use nouveau, on
laptop I have radeon. But if I remember correctly, the bug was happening on my
laptop too some time ago. I don't remember exact versions of most of the
libraries, so you'll have to wait for that information until I'll be back home.

Do you have any ideas what specific libraries could affect this bug?

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