[cairo-bugs] [Bug 73580] cairo-perf-trace failure

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Wed Dec 17 04:53:31 PST 2014


--- Comment #8 from Emanuele Aina <emanuele.aina at collabora.com> ---
With my limited understanding on how the interpreter stack is supposed to work,
I suspect that cairo_surface_create_similar_image() is pushing the reference
surface one time too many.

I've attached a very simple patch that at least allows me to get working traces
for every GTK3 program I've tested (zenity, gedit, epiphany).

Indeed I was surprised that cairo_surface_create_similar() and
cairo_surface_create_similar_image() weren't particularly similar (no pun

Should I try to update cairo_surface_create_similar_image() to look more like
cairo_surface_create_similar() or even sharing code if possible?

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