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Self-contained Makefile to reproduce this issue

So I tried to reproduce this issue outside of cairo. The result is the attached

Then I found the GCC LTO FAQ which states that you have to use gcc-ar,
gcc-ranlib and gcc-nm instead of the tools without those prefixes. With my
Makefile I tested this and noticed (after some comparing to what cairo does)
that "ranlib" breaks the .a files that cairo builds by replacing the symbol
index. Using my Makefile with "make RANLIB=gcc-ranlib" is enough to make it

Then I fought a bit against cairo's configure script and can now build cairo
again, if I use
  ./configure ac_cv_prog_RANLIB=gcc-ranlib RANLIB="gcc-ranlib" AR="gcc-ar"

(No, I do not know why just "RANLIB=gcc-ranlib" isn't enough. It's just
silently ignored and libtool will happily continue to use ranlib.)

We can just ignore this issue until a binutils version with plugin support is
used everywhere, at which point "ranlib" and "gcc-ranlib" are equally fine.
Besides that, any idea for fixing this properly?

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