[cairo-bugs] [Bug 78787] blueman and xfce4-power-manager crash when opening right-click menu while terminus is set as system font

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Wed Jul 23 03:31:41 PDT 2014


--- Comment #1 from carlos_franke at posteo.de ---
I believe the extent of this bug might be much bigger than described in the OP,
namely including possibly any bitmap font in combination with a lot of programs
using cairo. On my system, a lot of Gtk2 programs crash when a bitmap font is
set as "gtk-font-name" in $HOME/gtkrc-2.0.

1. Set "gtk-font-name="Unifont 16"" in $HOME/gtkc-2.0.
2. Call "leafpad" from the command line.
-> Immediate crash. Command line output: 
leafpad: cairo-scaled-font.c:459: _cairo_scaled_glyph_page_destroy: Assertion
`!scaled_font->cache_frozen' failed.

The same happens with the programs pyroom, claws-contacts, gvim, poedit,
sylpheed, but  n o t  with gtk2fontsel, lxappearance and osmo.

Other bitmap fonts leading to this error: Lucida, Utopia (both from Xorg
fonts), hlv (from M+ fonts), Dina.

I am running Arch Linux, cairo version 1.12.16 (currently with the Infinality
Ultimate Patches, but I did some spot checks with vanilla cairo as well
yesterday: same results), Gtk2 version 2.24.24.

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