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--- Comment #7 from Ravi Nanjundappa <nravi.n at samsung.com> ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> I think the complaint is about strtol(), which is being used apparently 
> to find the other end of the numeric value (returned in the char** arg) 
> while the number is ignored, thus causing this error.
> It does seem that nobody is going to "accidentally" ignore the result of 
> strtol. The warning really should be on functions returning things you 
> *must* do something with, for instance malloc() where if you don't free 
> the returned value you have a memory leak.
> And they really should restore the (void)fn() work-around, which is 
> readable.

In some of the cases (for ex: _cairo_polygon_add_external_edge()), the return
values of the callee are used by the caller (for ex: ln. no. 63 and 177 in
cairo-path-fill.c file), while in other cases it is ignored for some reasons.
The warnings are thrown in these scenarios. In such a case, I fell like we can
use the approach provided by Sergey Shandar, @

Could you please share your opinion on this?

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> > Thinking slightly more philosophically, do those functions really need to be
> > (warn_unused_result)? Or, if it's important not to ignore the result, why are
> > we ignoring the result?
> >
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