[cairo-bugs] [Bug 23364] Useless digits for float numbers in Cairo output

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--- Comment #14 from Martin <a.gypsy at gmail.com> ---
Greetings from 2015!

As a gentle push back against the initial post, and in support of Comment 4,
please see my comments for bug#57021 in LibreOffice.

It looks as though they reduced the output to just one decimal place. For an A4
page the discretisation errors become noticeable at 500-1200% zoom in Adobe
Reader, which I would consider a bug (given that LibreOffice Draw goes up to
3000% zoom).

I mean, what's the point of vector graphics when you get discretisation errors
the moment you start to zoom in beyond 100%?

Having said that, this means that for the two decimal places suggested by
clark, you can just about notice the discretisation at 5000% zoom. My Adobe
Reader 9 on Linux only goes up to 6400%, so this is something I could live
with. However the Adobe Distiller setting mentioned by Adrian Johnson - three
decimal places - is a safer bet.

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