[cairo-bugs] [Bug 91195] Some clipped dashed paths not being drawn

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--- Comment #1 from Tom Klein <twointofive at gmail.com> ---
This originated from firefox bug
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1179859 but seems to still be
broken in current cairo.

It looks like there's a bug in _cairo_box_intersects_line_segment.

In the testcase, when     
    (fully_in_bounds ||
         (! stroker->has_first_face && stroker->dash.dash_starts_on) ||
         _cairo_box_intersects_line_segment (&stroker->bounds, &segment))
is tested in _cairo_stroker_line_to_dashed, the first two tests fail, but the
third should pass and doesn't.

Inside _cairo_box_intersects_line_segment we get xlen=5120, t1=-58147, and
t2=63267, so the 
    if ((t1 < 0 || t1 > xlen) &&
        (t2 < 0 || t2 > xlen))
        return FALSE;
test mistakenly returns FALSE.

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