[cairo-bugs] [Bug 29010] Compile time asserts triggered when checking sizes of truetype structs.

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Bryce Harrington <b.harrington at samsung.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Bryce Harrington <b.harrington at samsung.com> ---
I notice the virtual machine image provided for reproducing the issue is no
longer at the given link, so assume that means it is no longer relevant.  Since
this bug triggered a compile-time assertion, I would assume we'd have heard
more about this problem given how long ago this was reported, if it was
reproducible on other ARM instances.  

Adding the packed attribute seems like a viable solution, but I'd want to test
and make sure it's still required with a more modern compiler.  I'm going to
tentatively close this as no longer reproducible but if anyone knows of or has
a testable case, please reopen.

Meanwhile, the note about the duplicated tt_name_t is a good find.  I've pushed
that change:
To ssh://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo
   943ba26..ad45e8f  master -> master

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