[cairo-bugs] [Bug 88663] _cairo_pattern_get_extents : allow for a floating one pixel rounded difference

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Mon Jun 22 06:55:25 PDT 2015


--- Comment #7 from Alban Browaeys <prahal at yahoo.com> ---
I confirm the 40 new failures on image tests (but to see those one have to grep
the test-suite.log , that is  the report tells 1 failure with or without the

The fix you suggested (to round extends x and y) brings back those 40 new
failures to 1 new failure (in  filter-nearest-transformed) here.
I am still on the old code base from march though.
This also fixes the white line on gimp right edge of the progress bars, but I
was unable to see what was the artifact for "images rendered on canvas".
The bug this report was about is still fixed with this change.

I am now looking at this last test case difference , that is

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