[cairo-bugs] [Bug 91967] Assertion "(_cairo_atomic_int_get (&(&surface->ref_count)->ref_count) > 0)"

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Mon Nov 2 06:26:02 PST 2015


--- Comment #9 from Alberts Muktupāvels <alberts.muktupavels at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Bryce Harrington from comment #8)
> You've not really answered my questions.  Just stating I'm wrong doesn't
> clarify anything; I'm married, so I already know I'm always wrong.  ;-)

Which questions?

1. "First, if we set image to NULL and it hits BAIL, then doesn't it just crash
unreferencing it here?"

No, it does not crash.

2. "However, backing up a bit... if XShmGetImage() has failed, such that we're
destroying &image->base, is any of the rest of the function still valid?"

Yes, it is still valid... because it will try to get image differently.

3. "Which makes me wonder if when this error situation is hit, if it'd be
better to just exit the function?"

No, because then we loose another chance of getting image in different way.

> Seriously though, I think either you've misunderstood me or are not
> explaining things properly, because I still think your proposed change isn't
> correctly implemented for Cairo.

Yeah, sounds like I don't understand you or you don't understand me, or maybe
both... :(

Not correctly in what way? Then please attach patch that is supposed to be
correct and I will test it. I can reproduce this, also I am not only one who
have hit this bug/problem...

Bug report for same problem:

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