[cairo-bugs] [Bug 92904] Large amount of uninitialized values in svg parsing and processing

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--- Comment #3 from Adrian Johnson <ajohnson at redneon.com> ---
You can find the version of cairo in firefox by printing a page to a file in
pdf format and using pdfinfo (or a pdf viewer that shows pdf properties) to
show the cairo version.

Using Firefox in Ubuntu 15.10 to print to a pdf and checking with pdfinfo I

$ pdfinfo file.pdf 
Creator:        cairo 1.9.5 (http://cairographics.org)
Producer:       cairo 1.9.5 (http://cairographics.org)
Tagged:         no
UserProperties: no
Suspects:       no
Form:           none
JavaScript:     no
Pages:          18
Encrypted:      no
Page size:      595.3 x 841.9 pts (A4)
Page rot:       0
File size:      1284826 bytes
Optimized:      no
PDF version:    1.5

So I would say yes they are still using an ancient version of cairo.

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