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> test case

The GIMP issue, as I understood it, is probably a poppler bug
where a raster surface is resampled using unpremultiplied
components and so suffering of color bleeding.

the black color attributed to completely transparent pixels
is used interpolating partly transparent pixels and appears
at the border of white shapes drawn above a white background.

The attached program saves a pdf that when opened in GIMP
is completely white if you set a resolution of 72 dpi, but
shows the grey arc shape when a different resolution is chosen.

Similarly behaves pdftocairo: the output of

pdftocairo -png -rx 72 -ry 72 bug-63302.pdf bug-63302.72-dpi

is completely white, whereas the output of

pdftocairo -png bug-63302.pdf bug-63302.150-dpi

shows the grey arc outline.

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