[cairo-bugs] [Bug 99233] Nesting backgrounds with identical RGBA causes wrong colours to be drawn at innermost level

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Sat Dec 31 13:51:22 UTC 2016


--- Comment #8 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk> ---
Concentric set of XRenderFillRectangles with over and alpha < 1 should produce
a gradient of light (outside) to dark (centre). libxrender compresses multiple
calls of XRenderFillRectangle with the same op + colour to a single call. X is
supposed to render each rectangle in that array as a seperate draw call (though
we do try to optimise the computation of the union and use the union if
possible by op).

Uli, what's the bad rendering?

Daniel can you look at Uli's test and see if it has a similar misrendering on
your system?

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