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--- Comment #4 from Adrian Johnson <ajohnson at redneon.com> ---
Using the Debian Jessie versions (cairo 1.14.0/poppler 0.26.5):

$ time pdftocairo -ps -level3 cairo-bad-pdf-2.pdf out.ps

real    0m39.002s
user    0m32.084s
sys     0m6.688s

I gave up waiting for cairo-bad-pdf.pdf to finish.

Using lastest cairo git and poppler git:

$ time pdftocairo -ps -level3 cairo-bad-pdf.pdf out.ps

real    1m32.148s
user    1m22.080s
sys     0m10.096s

$ time ~/usr/bin/pdftocairo -ps -level3 cairo-bad-pdf-2.pdf out.ps

real    0m7.413s
user    0m6.436s
sys     0m0.896s

The reason cairo-bad-pdf.pdf take a long time is it contains a very large
number (I lost count while reading through the pdf) of nested transparency

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