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--- Comment #3 from Michael Rice <michael.rice at samsung.com> ---
Thanks for your comments Adrian,

I can understand tests not running on a platform that is different from the
reference platform.

I run 'make test' on everything that provides it as a sanity check before
running 'make install'.  This is standard operating procedure of my build
scripts.  The goal is to provide a reference prefix for our projects.  The
prefix will span several generations of RHEL.  There is other software that
runs on these systems that precludes updating to the latest release, or even
latest this quadrennium.

I see from the test/README is a lot of information about why one would run
other tests or specific tests in a specific manner.  However, it doesn't have
(or I glossed over it) a useful suggestion for the minimum set of tests that a)
are guaranteed to pass and b) validate that the cairo build is viable.

I'm building a mostly unattended build, so comparing index.html isn't _quite_
what I want.  I really want a set of tests that if anything fails we do not

Is there a minimum set that you would recommend that would be universally

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