[cairo-bugs] [Bug 104042] text failing to display on SVG and X11 surface even though it works correctly on PDF and PS surfaces

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Thu Dec 28 01:25:56 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Antony Lee <anntzer.lee at gmail.com> ---
I'll try to provide a minimal C example but that's not easy -- this is in the
context of a cairo backend (https://github.com/anntzer/mplcairo) for Matplotlib
(a Python plotting library) so it's layers and layers of Python driving a C
library.  In the meantime...

    //ALPHA [] record
    dup /s6 exch def dup context

Looking at cairo-script-surface.c, one sees that this is written by
_emit_recording_pattern_surface and attach_snapshot, with the contents of the
recording surface in the next lines.

Both from my own code and from my interpretation of the script I believe that I
am not drawing a surface to itself.

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