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Philip Chimento <philip.chimento at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Philip Chimento <philip.chimento at gmail.com> ---
That trace looks similar to the trace from the memory leak that I still get
even when calling cairo_debug_reset_static_data(). I was wondering if I was
doing something else wrong, but I suspect my original reproducer was a red

==20862==    at 0x4C2DBAB: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:299)
==20862==    by 0xB5B0531: FcPatternCreate (fcpat.c:33)
==20862==    by 0xB5B8364: FcParsePattern (fcxml.c:2896)
==20862==    by 0xB5B8364: FcEndElement (fcxml.c:3027)
==20862==    by 0xF744445: doContent (xmlparse.c:2954)
==20862==    by 0xF744EEF: contentProcessor (xmlparse.c:2531)
==20862==    by 0xF74294A: doProlog (xmlparse.c:4556)
==20862==    by 0xF743898: prologProcessor (xmlparse.c:4270)
==20862==    by 0xF7475D9: XML_ParseBuffer (xmlparse.c:1983)
==20862==    by 0xB5B748A: FcConfigParseAndLoadFromMemoryInternal
==20862==    by 0xB5B7899: _FcConfigParse (fcxml.c:3462)
==20862==    by 0xB5B7AAA: FcConfigParseAndLoadDir (fcxml.c:3240)
==20862==    by 0xB5B7AAA: _FcConfigParse (fcxml.c:3438)
==20862==    by 0xB5A981C: FcInitLoadOwnConfig (fcinit.c:97)
==20862==    by 0xB5A9A79: FcInitLoadOwnConfigAndFonts (fcinit.c:169)
==20862==    by 0xB59C116: FcConfigEnsure.part.8 (fccfg.c:45)
==20862==    by 0xB59E1A8: FcConfigEnsure (fccfg.c:38)
==20862==    by 0xB59E1A8: IA__FcConfigGetCurrent (fccfg.c:481)
==20862==    by 0xB59E1A8: FcConfigSubstituteWithPat (fccfg.c:1532)
==20862==    by 0x9172F3B: _cairo_ft_resolve_pattern (cairo-ft-font.c:3364)
==20862==    by 0x9172F3B: _cairo_ft_font_face_get_implementation
==20862==    by 0x910C282: cairo_scaled_font_create (cairo-scaled-font.c:1134)
==20862==    by 0x90CF1CD: _cairo_gstate_ensure_scaled_font
==20862==    by 0x90D2344: _cairo_gstate_get_scaled_font (cairo-gstate.c:1787)
==20862==    by 0x90CA0F3: _cairo_default_context_get_scaled_font
==20862==    by 0x90C3F42: cairo_show_text (cairo.c:3529)
==20862==    by 0x4EA68FA: ??? (cairo-context.cpp:666)

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