[cairo-bugs] [Bug 105294] pdftocairo -pdf inverts image color in this PDF

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--- Comment #8 from Allan Haldane <ealloc at gmail.com> ---
The "Adobe" tag seems to have no effect. 

I tried replacing "Adobe" by "     ", but leaving "Decode...". The image is
inverted either way. Conversely, removing the "Decode" gives me the correct
image whether or not "Adobe" is present.

I'd have to debug some more to figure out why the "Adobe" tag is apparently
ignored. A grep through the cairo source code shows the variable
"is_adobe_jpeg" is only used in a single place, when deciding whether to add
the "Decode" line, and is not used anywhere else.

At this point is seems like the addition of "Decode" was just not right. I'm
curious now what broken PDFs the addition of "Decode" was supposed to fix,
given that cairo seems to ignore the adobe header.

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