[cairo-commit] libglc - Imported sources

David Reveman commit at pdx.freedesktop.org
Thu Nov 27 03:47:17 PST 2003

Committed by: davidr

Update of /cvs/cairo/libglc
In directory pdx:/tmp/cvs-serv10438

Log Message:
Initial import of libglc code


Vendor Tag:	main
Release Tags:	start
N libglc/autogen.sh
N libglc/ChangeLog
N libglc/.cvsignore
N libglc/configure.in
N libglc/NEWS
N libglc/libglc.pc.in
N libglc/COPYING
N libglc/Makefile.am
N libglc/TODO
N libglc/README
N libglc/acconfig.h
N libglc/INSTALL
N libglc/AUTHORS
N libglc/src/glc_trap.c
N libglc/src/glc.h
N libglc/src/glc_glx_surface.c
N libglc/src/.cvsignore
N libglc/src/glc_surface.c
N libglc/src/glc_glx_pbuffer.c
N libglc/src/glc_util.c
N libglc/src/glc_rect.c
N libglc/src/glc.c
N libglc/src/glc-glx.h
N libglc/src/glc_glx_info.c
N libglc/src/glc_glxint.h
N libglc/src/glc_glx_extension.c
N libglc/src/glc_glx_context.c
N libglc/src/glc_status.c
N libglc/src/glcint.h
N libglc/src/glc_texture.c
N libglc/src/libglc.man
N libglc/src/Makefile.am
N libglc/src/glc_glx_format.c
N libglc/src/glc_tri.c
N libglc/src/glc_operator.c
N libglc/config/.cvsignore

No conflicts created by this import

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