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Charles Tuckey commit at pdx.freedesktop.org
Thu Nov 25 10:11:27 PST 2004

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Add files as per GNU project organization. Update information in files.

Every source file in this implementation of CairoJava is available to be
redistributed and/or modified under the terms of either the GNU Lesser
General Public License (LPGL) version 2.1 or the Mozilla Public
License (MPL) version 1.1.

See the following files in this directory for the precise terms and
conditions of either license:


Please see each file in the implementation for Copyright and licensing

The project is setup as an Eclipse project.
* Checkout the project using CVS repository view in Eclipse.
* Modify the project setup to reflect jars and libraries in your system.
* Do a Project -> Rebuild Project
* Go to the jni sub-directory in the source directory.
* Run 'make'. This will create the JNI shared library.
* Now you should be able to run the test classes.
If you do not want to use full Eclipse, make sure to install
compatible SWT from Eclipse site. Then follow the following steps in
the given order:
* Get and install ant. This is used to build the Java files.
* Go to the src directory and run 'ant'
* Go to the jni directory and run 'make'
  - defining CAIROJAVA_TRACE to the make process will cause
    the jni library to emit trace statements to stderr every time a call
    is made to the cairo or glitz libraries.

The build will put CairoJava-0.1.0.jar and the JNI shared library under
lib. You can use these to run the tests under the test directory.

--- NEW FILE: NEWS ---
Snapshot 0.1.0 (2004-11-23 Charles Tuckey <charles at tuckey.ca>)

First snapshot of CairoJava. It's a bit behind the cairo
and glitz libraries right now. See README for details
on dependencies.

See the INSTALL document for build instructions.

See the COPYING document for information on licensing.
This is a Java binding to the Cairo graphics library. The binding can
be used to draw on SWT images and widgets.

The bindings were tested with JDK version >= 1.3.1 and on Redhat 9.

SWT versions >= 2.1 using GTK+ 2.x. Note that the bindings will not work
on Motif SWT or AWT/SWING.

cairo 0.1.23 snapshot
glitz 0.1.3 snapshot

The src build creates javadoc in docs/javadoc/Cairo.

More information on the cairo and glitz libraries can be found
at http://cairographics.org.

CairoJava was designed and written by Soorya Kuloor <sooryak at otii.com>. 
The initial version was created in early 2003.

--- README.txt DELETED ---

--- NEW FILE: TODO ---
* Create a proper and complete set of tests.

* Bring API up to date with cairo 0.2.0 and glitz.

* Modify windowing interface to allow multiple types of windows.
  Currently only SWT is supported.

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