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Thu Feb 24 08:07:41 PST 2005

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	ChangeLog TODO 
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        * TODO: Remove many TODO items that have now been absorbed by the
        API shakeup. Remove comparison with PostScript as there's nothing
        interesting there left unimplemented, (and cairo is already
        establishing its own conventions in naming and behavior that
        deviate from PostScript).

Index: ChangeLog
RCS file: /cvs/cairo/cairo/ChangeLog,v
retrieving revision 1.381
retrieving revision 1.382
diff -u -d -r1.381 -r1.382
--- ChangeLog	24 Feb 2005 15:39:20 -0000	1.381
+++ ChangeLog	24 Feb 2005 16:07:39 -0000	1.382
@@ -1,5 +1,11 @@
 2005-02-24  Carl Worth  <cworth at cworth.org>
+	* TODO: Remove many TODO items that have now been absorbed by the
+	API shakeup. Remove comparison with PostScript as there's nothing
+	interesting there left unimplemented, (and cairo is already
+	establishing its own conventions in naming and behavior that
+	deviate from PostScript).
 	* src/cairoint.h: Fix typo (pointed out by Mike Emmel)
 2005-02-23  Carl Worth  <cworth at cworth.org>

Index: TODO
RCS file: /cvs/cairo/cairo/TODO,v
retrieving revision 1.29
retrieving revision 1.30
diff -u -d -r1.29 -r1.30
--- TODO	23 Feb 2005 22:56:55 -0000	1.29
+++ TODO	24 Feb 2005 16:07:39 -0000	1.30
@@ -39,40 +39,18 @@
 * Clean up the cache code a bit, (there is at least one redundant
   level of cacheing, and there are some minor style issues).
-* Implement the parallel install stuff, (most importantly, push
-  cairo.h down into into one directory below $(includedir)).
-* Simplifying the operator set?
 * Fix clipping to work for all operators. The equation we have come up
   with is:
 	((src Op dest) In clip) Add (dest Out clip)
-* Resolve the rest of the rendering equation. We need a fundamental
-  equation upon which more convenient operations are based, (at least
-  formally). Some of the common operations that should be convenient:
-	* display surface
-	* display surface multiplied by constant alpha
-	* display pattern masked by surface
-  So this involves deciding whether to expose a new mask object in the
-  graphics state, and deciding exactly what set_alpha means. It almost
-  certainly means adding cairo_show_surface_mask.
-* Implement a hidden transform, (as per the result of the hidden
-  offset thread on the mailing list).
 * Replace PNG backend with an image_surface function to save a PNG
 * Clean up the API in preparation for freezing and release.
-* Implement a PDF backend.
 * Make a more interesting PS backend, (other than the current
 "giant-image for every page" approach).
@@ -81,9 +59,6 @@
 * Change stroke code to go through one giant polygon. This will fix
 problems with stroking self-intersecting paths.
-* Implement cairo_stroke_path, (very easy to do after the above change
-is done).
 * Re-work the backend clipping interface to use geometry rather than
@@ -117,17 +92,6 @@
 * Implement cairo_arc_to.
-* Fix support for old X servers so that it is not swamped with image
-transport. The key idea is to assume that nothing external to cairo
-will be drawing to the same drawable after it is handed to
-cairo. Beyond that, we might actually provide support for cooperating
-with external entities by adding one or more of the following
-   cairo_flush
-   cairo_erase
-   cairo_mark_dirty
 * Re-implement the trapezoid rasterization algorithm according to the
   new "specification".
@@ -173,134 +137,3 @@
 * Verification, profiling, optimization.
 	centi_unfinished.svg may provide a good test case.
-A comparison with PostScript
-Here's a list of several classes of PostScript operators indicating
-which operators have rough equivalents in cairo and which do not. In
-general, the name of a cairo function corresponding to a PostScript
-operator can be obtained by inserting a '_' between each word and
-prefixing it with "cairo_". For example, "cairo_move_to" corresponds
-to the PostScript "moveto".
-In cases where the name of the cairo function deviates from this
-convention, or when the behavior of the cairo function is
-significantly different, the change is noted in parentheses below.
-This list is not exhaustive, (there are definitely some minor (major?)
-semantic deviations that are not noted below). Also, this list is
-almost certainly out of date with respect to the current cairo
-implementation. Caveat lector.
-Operators that are not yet in cairo, but probably should be: arcto,
-strokepath, rectclip?, clipsave/restore?, setstrokeadjust?,
-currentdash, grestoreall?, initgraphics?, currentgstate?, setgstate?,
-erasepage?, setsmoothness?
-Painting operators
-in cairo: stroke, fill, eofill (set_fill_rule/fill), image
-not in cairo: erasepage, rectstroke, rectfill, shfill, colorimage,
-Path construction operators
-in cairo: arc, arcn (arc_negative), newpath, moveto, rmoveto
-(rel_move_to), lineto, rlineto (rel_line_to), curveto, rcurveto
-(rel_curve_to), closepath, currentpoint, charpath (text_path),
-pathforall (current_path), flattenpath (current_path_flat)
-not in cairo: arct, arcto, reversepath, strokepath, clippath, pathbbox
-in cairo:  clip, eoclip (set_fill_rule/clip)
-not in cairo: initclip, rectclip, clipsave, cliprestore
-Graphics state operators
-in cairo: setlinewidth, currentlinewidth, setlinecap, currentlinecap,
-setlinejoin, currentlinejoin, setmiterlimit, currentmiterlimit,
-not in cairo: setstrokeadjust, currentstrokeadjust, currentdash
-Color specification operators
-in cairo:  setrgbcolor, currentcolor
-not in cairo: setcolor, setgray, currentgray, currentrgbcolor,
-sethsbcolor, currenthsbcolor, setcmykcolor, currentcmykcolor,
-setcolorspace, currentcolorspace
-Form and pattern operators
-in cairo: setpattern, makepattern (lock_pattern)
-not in cairo: execform
-Whole-state manipulation
-in cairo:  gsave (save), grestore (restore)
-not in cairo: grestoreall, initgraphics, gstate, currentgstate,
-Coordinate system and matrix operators
-in cairo: identmatrix (identity_matrix), initmatrix (default_matrix),
-setmatrix, translate, scale, rotate, concatmatrix, currentmatrix,
-transform (transform_point), dtransform (transform_distance)
-not in cairo: matrix, defaultmatrix, concat, itransform, idtransform,
-Insideness testing
-in cairo: infill, instroke, ineofill (set_fill_rule/in_fill)
-not in cairo: inufill, inustroke, inueofill
-Device setup
-in cairo: showpage, copypage
-not in cairo: setpagedevice, currentpagedevice, nulldevice
-Glyph and font operators
-in cairo: currentfont, definefont (font_create_for_ft_face),
-undefine_font (font_destroy), findfont (font_create), makefont
-(transform_font), setfont, scalefont, selectfont, show (show_text),
-stringwidth (x/y in text_extents), xyshow (glyph_show -- but ignoring
-current_point and using absolute positions)
-not in cairo, (and likely not needed): composefont, rootfont, ashow,
-widthshow, awidthshow, xshow, xyshow, yshow, glyphshow, cshow, kshow,
-FontDirectory, GlobalFontDirectory, StandardEncoding,
-ISOLatin1Encoding, findencoding, setcachedevice, setcachedevice2,
-Graphics state operators (device-dependent)
-in cairo:  setflat (set_tolerance), currentflat (current_tolerance)
-not in cairo: sethalftone, currenthalftone, setscreen, currentscreen,
-setcolorscreen, currentcolorscreen, settransfer, currenttransfer,
-setcolortransfer, currentcolortransfer, setblackgeneration,
-currentblackgeneration, setundercolorremoval,
-currentundercolorremoval, setcolorrendering, currentcolorrendering,
-setoverprint, currentoverprint, setsmoothness, currentsmoothness
-PostScript operators never to be in cairo
-Operator Stack Manipulation Operators, Arithmetic and Math Operators,
-Array Operators, Packed Array Operators, Dictionary Operators, String
-Operators, Rational,Boolean,and Bitwise Operators, Control Operators,
-Type,Attribute,and Conversion Operators, File Operators, Resource
-Operators, Virtual Memory Operators, Miscellaneous Operators,
-Interpreter Parameter Operators, Errors, User Path Operators

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