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<head><title>SVG Spacewar</title></head>

SaVaGe Spacewar

Spacewar (1962) was the first ever computer game, and involves two little
spaceships trying to blow each other up.  Here is a loving (simplified)
re-make, but the visuals have been updated to use the
<a href="http://www.cairographics.org">Cairo</a> 2D graphics library.
Technically, this means things like <b>anti-aliasing</b>, <b>scalable
graphics</b>, <b>alpha blending</b>, and <b>gradient fills</b>.
Non-technically, just take a look at (1) the screenshot below, and (2) the
close-up below that, demonstrating <b>scalable vector graphics</b> - or SVG.
When you get your super-mega-ultra-hi-res monitor in a few years' time, these
graphics will just look even smoother, unlike the old games of 5 years back,
which just look "blocky" on today's computers.


<img src="action.png" width="794px" height="594px"/>


<img src="zoomed.png" width="612px" height="438px"/>

<h2>Playing the Game</h2>

The game itself is very simple - there are two ships, and they can only
accelerate, rotate, and fire.  The blue ship is controlled by the <b>W</b>,
<b>A</b>, <b>D</b> and <b>(Left) Control</b> keys, and the red ship is
controlled by the <b>8</b>, <b>4</b>, <b>6</b> and <b>Insert</b> keys on the
number pad (make sure that NumLock is off).

Run out of energy (the colored bar at the top) and you lose.  You lose energy
by colliding with the other ship, or with any missiles (including your own).
You gain energy (up to a maximum level) by just hanging around, although you
recharge faster if you aren't shooting.


<b>2005-03-31</b>: Initial release - version 0.1, aka "proof-of-concept".  The
software could undoubtedly do with some optimization.


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