[cairo-commit] cairo/test text-antialias-none-ps-rgb24-ref.png, NONE, 1.1 text-antialias-subpixel-ps-rgb24-ref.png, NONE, 1.1

Carl Worth commit at pdx.freedesktop.org
Tue Oct 18 12:04:44 PDT 2005

Committed by: cworth

Update of /cvs/cairo/cairo/test
In directory gabe:/tmp/cvs-serv5826/test

Added Files:
Log Message:

2005-10-18  Carl Worth  <cworth at cworth.org>

        * test/text-antialias-none-ps-rgb24-ref.png:
        * test/text-antialias-subpixel-ps-rgb24-ref.png: Add reference
        images for antialiasing modes which are basically not applicable
        to the PS output.

--- NEW FILE: text-antialias-none-ps-rgb24-ref.png ---
(This appears to be a binary file; contents omitted.)

--- NEW FILE: text-antialias-subpixel-ps-rgb24-ref.png ---
(This appears to be a binary file; contents omitted.)

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