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Carl Worth commit at pdx.freedesktop.org
Wed Jan 25 02:10:25 PST 2006

Committed by: cworth

Update of /cvs/cairo/cairo/doc/tutorial/slides
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2006-01-25  Carl Worth  <cworth at cworth.org>

        * doc/tutorial/slides/tutorial.xml: A few random changes to the

        * doc/tutorial/src/Makefile: Remove pdf build by default, (since
        it is disabled by defalt in cairo 1.0.2).

        * doc/tutorial/src/cairo-tutorial-gtk.h:
        * doc/tutorial/src/cairo-tutorial-pdf.h:
        * doc/tutorial/src/cairo-tutorial-png.h:
        * doc/tutorial/src/cairo-tutorial-xlib.h:
        * doc/tutorial/src/circle.c: (draw):
        * doc/tutorial/src/expander.c: (draw): Change draw interface to
        accept a width and height.

        * doc/tutorial/src/cairo-tutorial-gtk.h: Fix the destroy event
        handler so that clicking on the window manager's 'close window'
        button works.

Index: tutorial.xml
RCS file: /cvs/cairo/cairo/doc/tutorial/slides/tutorial.xml,v
retrieving revision 1.1
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -d -r1.1 -r1.2
--- tutorial.xml	22 Jul 2005 13:20:53 -0000	1.1
+++ tutorial.xml	25 Jan 2006 10:10:23 -0000	1.2
@@ -207,19 +207,19 @@
 	  <li>Built from lines and splines.</li>
-	    <li>cairo_move_to()	set current point</li>
-	    <li>cairo_line_to()	draw line</li>
-	    <li>cairo_curve_to()	draw Bézier spline</li>
-	    <li>cairo_close_path()	draw line to start</li>
+	    <li>cairo_move_to()	start new sub path and set current point</li>
+	    <li>cairo_line_to()	add line segment to path</li>
+	    <li>cairo_curve_to()	add Bézier spline to path</li>
+	    <li>cairo_close_path()	add line segment to last move_to point</li>
 	  <li>Can also be built from glyphs</li>
-	    <li>cairo_text_path()	path from UTF-8</li>
+	    <li>cairo_text_path()	path from UTF-8 text</li>
 	    <li>cairo_glyph_path()	path from glyphs</li>
-	  <li>Part of graphics state</li>
+	  <li>Not part of graphics state</li>
-	    <li>cairo_save()/cairo_restore() affect path</li>
+	    <li>Path not affected by cairo_save()/cairo_restore()</li>
@@ -228,17 +228,20 @@
 	  <li>Stroke or Fill</li>
-	    <li>cairo_stroke walks path outline with pen</li>
+	    <li>cairo_stroke walks path with an elliptical pen</li>
 	    <li>cairo_fill paints interior of path</li>
-	    <li>both operations consume the path, resetting the current path to empty</li>
 	    <li>cairo_clip intersects interior of path with current clip</li>
-	  <li>Convert path to stroked version</li>
-	    <li>not yet named</li>
+	    <li>These operations consume the path. Variants are available that preserve the path:</li>
+	    <ul>
+	      <li>cairo_stroke_preserve</li>
+	      <li>cairo_fill_preserve</li>
+	      <li>cairo_clip_preserve</li>
+	    </ul>
@@ -269,8 +272,8 @@
       <slide title="Closing the Path">
-	<li>Draws a line (if necessary) to the start of the path</li>
-	<li>Draws a join from that line to the first element of the path</li>
+	<li>Adds a line segment (if necessary) to the start of the path</li>
+	<li>ADraws a join from that line to the first element of the path</li>
       <slide title="Close Path Example">

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