[cairo-commit] Changes to 'refs/tags/1.2.0'

Carl Worth cworth at kemper.freedesktop.org
Fri Jun 30 18:46:01 PDT 2006

Tag '1.2.0' created by Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> at 2006-07-01 02:39 -0700

cairo 1.2.0 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since 1.1.10:
Behdad Esfahbod:
      Note that create_similar clears surface.
      Accept CAIRO_TEST_TARGET being empty or containing a list of backends to test.
      Add test device-offset-positive.
      Correct comment about expected result in device-offset-positive test.
      Reference images for new test...
      Update .gitignore
      Add create-for-stream.* to .gitignore.
      Replace noinst_ with check_, such that nothing is built with default make
      Make configure generate cairo-features.h. Generate AC_DEFINE and AM_CONDITIONALS
      Minor refinements, mostly to configure.in.
      Removed excess mkdir.
      Pass --cache-file=config.cache and --disable-static to configure from
      Rewrite configure caching.
      Fix circular dependency in cairo.pc and cairo-xlib.pc.
      More configure foo fixes for .pc files.
      Remove config.cache in make distclean.
      Report Xlib Xrender status.
      Update list of ignored header files.
      Ignore *.bak
      Use $RELEASE_OR_SNAPSHOT to determine upload directory.
      Make docs not build by "make all", but by "make doc", "make dist", and "make
      Remove cairo_public from source files.
      Prefix "cairo_*_test_*" symbols with underscore.
      Fix support for non-pkg-config cflags and libs (needed for supporting
      Add "Since: 1.2" to docs for most new API functions.
      Mark enum additions as "Since 1.2" too.
      Require gtk-doc 1.6, and make it ignore cairo_public and cairo_private
      Update lots of docs.
      Hook some more symbols into docs.
      Remove CAIRO_SVG_VERSION_LAST from public header file.
      Minor doc syntax fixes.
      Use $no_x in configure.in.
      Fix an oops.
      Detect and report crashes in tests.
      Make CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT and CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD not crash on surface patterns,

Carl Worth:
      Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 1.1.11 after making the 1.1.10 snapshot
      PDF: Don't fallback due to CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_NONE
      PS PDF: Drop unused hex_digit functions, (now that output stream supports %02x)
      test/fallback-resolution: Remove extra call to cairo_show_page
      output-stream: Support %X in addition to %x
      Add new CAIRO_BITSWAP8 macro for swapping the bits within a byte.
      ft-font: Use compile-time test (WORDS_BIGENDIAN) rather than run-time function to test endian-ness.
      SVG: Fix to not crash on bitmapped glyphs
      New bitmap-font test with bundled 6x13 font.
      PS: Add support for emitting bitmapped glyphs into type3 fonts.
      PDF: Push glyph stream creation down from emit glyph to outline/bitmap variants
      PDF: Fix display of bitmapped glyphs (bitmap-font test now passes)
      ROADMAP: Update with 1.1.10 notes as well as new blockers and fixes
      Add 'private' cairo_scaled_font_test_set_max_glyphs_cached_per_font for testing
      Add test/glyph-cache-pressure to demonstrate xlib failure (bug 6955)
      Bug 6955: Fix by adding freeze/thaw around scaled_font glyph cache in _cairo_xlib_surface_show_glyphs
      xlib: Prefer BAIL over FAIL when the cleanup code is also used in succesful cases.
      ROADMAP: Note that bug 6955 is fixed.
      Remove comment which had been incorrectly copied
      ROADMAP: Note that SVG bitmap glyphs now work. Move some bugs to a punt list.
      Fix bug 7268: Fix coordinate space for _cairo_surface_get_extents
      ROADMAP: Note that bug 6617 might already be fixed.
      ROADMAP: Note that cairo_xlib_surface_get_width/height exist now.
      xlib: Fix failure path to do cache thawing cleanup.
      ft-text-antialias-none: Update reference images and igore list.
      ROADMAP: Note that bug 6759 is now fixed.
      Prefer using configure-generated variable for finding stdint.h or similar.
      Add documentation for how degenerate segments and sub-paths are treated.
      Prefer sub_path over subpath in identifiers.
      Prefer sub-path over subpath in documentation.
      Prefer TRUE and FALSE over 1 and 0 for assigning cairo_bool_t values
      Merge branch 'degenerate-path' into cairo
      ROADMAP: Note that degenerate path stuff has been pushed out now.
      Update reference images for ft-text-vertical-layout
      Ignore degenerate-path
      Squelch some bogus compiler warnings about possibly uninitialized values.
      PS: Fix for dash-zero-length
      Add several more stress tests to test/dash-zero-length
      Mark test/leaky-dash as an expected failure.
      Update PDF and PS reference images for test/text-pattern.
      Move device_transform of path to before floating->fixed conversion.
      Add PDF-specific reference image for composite-integer-translate-over
      Add PDF-specific reference image for paint-source-alpha
      Update PDF-specific reference image for scale-source-surface-paint
      ps: Fix transformation of source surfaces.
      ps: Fix degenerate-path test failure.
      Add ps-specific reference image for test/degenerate-path
      Add new libz/libpng suppressions.
      ps: Fix to not walk off the end of the data array.
      Add another suppression due to mysterious occurences in libc
      Add valgrind suppressions for still-reachable memory from XGetDefault and XrmGetStringDatabase
      Add valgrind suppressions for pthread initialization still reachable/possibly lost memory
      Fix a memory leak by removing accidentally duplicated code.
      Fix some leaks in the test suite itself.
      Add yet another XrmGetStringDatabase valgrind suppression.
      SVG: Fix leak in _cairo_svg_surface_mask
      Even _more_ valgrind suppresions for Xrm (XrmGetFileDatabase this time)
      Don't remove INSTALL during maintainer-clean
      Add many references images (and a font) missing from EXTRA_DIST
      Add src/cairo-features.h and test/*.ps to CLEANFILES
      Update version to 1.2.0 and add notes to NEWS file.

Emmanuel Pacaud:
      SVG: dumb implementation of bitmap glyphs.
      SVG: fix bit order for bitmap font data and use a group with matrix

Ian Osgood:
      Update the XCB backend for screen sensitivity.

Jeff Muizelaar:
      Add new test case degenerate-path to show current 'bug'
      Initial support for degenerate-path stroking
      PS: Workaround to avoid splitting final ~> terminating sequence.

Jinghua Luo:
      Add missing prototype for _cairo_lzw_compress.
      Add ft-text-antilaias-none test case demonstrating bug #6759.
      freetype: Respect configurations in font pattern.
      freetype: cleanup _cairo_ft_scaled_glyph_init.
      freetype: Fix warnings in _decompose_glyph_outline.
      freetype: Clear target mode correctly in _cairo_ft_options_merge.
      freetype: Compare all elements in ft_options but not use memcmp.
      freetype: Don't ignore antialias in some cases.
      Turn hinting off to get consistent results for ft-text-antialias-none test case.
      Turn hinting off to get consistent results for ft-text-vertical-layout test case.

Jonathon Jongsma:
      Fix a minor documentation typo in cairo_pop_group_to_source

Keith Packard:
      Skip TrueType font output for PS/PDF until it handles vertical layout.

Kristian Høgsberg:
      Implement 0-padding and field width for _cairo_output_stream_printf().
      Add 'x' case to printf switch so we actually implement %02x.

Michael Emmel:
      Added major updates fixes and enhancements by

Robert O'Callahan:
      Surface size getters for xlib

Torsten Schoenfeld:
      Fix build after recent pixman.h change.

 BUGS                                                     |    7 
 Makefile.am                                              |   20 
 NEWS                                                     |   40 
 ROADMAP                                                  |   48 
 autogen.sh                                               |    2 
 configure.in                                             |  564 +--
 dev/null                                                 |binary
 doc/Makefile.am                                          |    4 
 doc/public/.gitignore                                    |    1 
 doc/public/Makefile.am                                   |   53 
 doc/public/cairo-sections.txt                            |   93 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-types.sgml                         |    4 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-version.sgml                       |    7 
 gtk-doc.make                                             |    8 
 pixman/src/fbcompose.c                                   |    9 
 pixman/src/pixman.h                                      |   16 
 src/Makefile.am                                          |   18 
 src/cairo-atsui-font.c                                   |    2 
 src/cairo-backend.pc.in                                  |    4 
 src/cairo-clip.c                                         |   10 
 src/cairo-directfb-surface.c                             | 2219 ++++++++++-----
 src/cairo-features.h.in                                  |   86 
 src/cairo-font-subset.c                                  |    7 
 src/cairo-font.c                                         |    2 
 src/cairo-ft-font.c                                      |  333 +-
 src/cairo-ft-private.h                                   |    3 
 src/cairo-gstate.c                                       |    8 
 src/cairo-image-surface.c                                |    6 
 src/cairo-output-stream.c                                |   50 
 src/cairo-path-stroke.c                                  |   76 
 src/cairo-pattern.c                                      |    2 
 src/cairo-pdf-surface.c                                  |  128 
 src/cairo-pdf-test.h                                     |    4 
 src/cairo-ps-surface.c                                   |  324 +-
 src/cairo-ps-test.h                                      |    4 
 src/cairo-scaled-font-test.h                             |   49 
 src/cairo-scaled-font.c                                  |   41 
 src/cairo-surface-fallback.c                             |    1 
 src/cairo-surface.c                                      |  129 
 src/cairo-svg-surface.c                                  |  180 -
 src/cairo-svg-test.h                                     |    4 
 src/cairo-svg.h                                          |   13 
 src/cairo-win32-font.c                                   |   19 
 src/cairo-win32-surface.c                                |    3 
 src/cairo-xcb-surface.c                                  |   87 
 src/cairo-xcb-xrender.h                                  |    1 
 src/cairo-xcb.h                                          |    1 
 src/cairo-xlib-surface.c                                 |  146 
 src/cairo-xlib-test.h                                    |    4 
 src/cairo-xlib.h                                         |    6 
 src/cairo.c                                              |   66 
 src/cairo.h                                              |   41 
 src/cairo.pc.in                                          |    2 
 src/cairoint.h                                           |   23 
 test/.gitignore                                          |   10 
 test/.valgrind-suppressions                              |  395 ++
 test/6x13.pcf                                            |binary
 test/Makefile.am                                         |  102 
 test/bitmap-font-ref.png                                 |binary
 test/bitmap-font-rgb24-ref.png                           |binary
 test/bitmap-font.c                                       |  106 
 test/cairo-test.c                                        |  122 
 test/cairo-test.h                                        |    3 
 test/composite-integer-translate-over-pdf-argb32-ref.png |binary
 test/dash-zero-length-ps-argb32-ref.png                  |binary
 test/dash-zero-length-ref.png                            |binary
 test/dash-zero-length-rgb24-ref.png                      |binary
 test/dash-zero-length.c                                  |   85 
 test/degenerate-path-ps-argb32-ref.png                   |binary
 test/degenerate-path-ref.png                             |binary
 test/degenerate-path-rgb24-ref.png                       |binary
 test/degenerate-path.c                                   |   68 
 test/device-offset-positive-ref.png                      |binary
 test/device-offset-positive-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/device-offset-positive.c                            |   88 
 test/device-offset.c                                     |    2 
 test/fallback-resolution.c                               |    8 
 test/ft-text-antialias-none-ps-argb32-ref.png            |binary
 test/ft-text-antialias-none-ref.png                      |binary
 test/ft-text-antialias-none.c                            |  131 
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-pdf-argb32-ref.png          |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-pdf-rgb24-ref.png           |    0 
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-ps-argb32-ref.png           |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-ps-rgb24-ref.png            |    0 
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-ref.png                     |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-rgb24-ref.png               |    0 
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-svg-argb32-ref.png          |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-svg-rgb24-ref.png           |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout.c                           |    5 
 test/glyph-cache-pressure-pdf-argb32-ref.png             |binary
 test/glyph-cache-pressure-ps-argb32-ref.png              |binary
 test/glyph-cache-pressure-ref.png                        |binary
 test/glyph-cache-pressure-svg-argb32-ref.png             |binary
 test/glyph-cache-pressure-svg-rgb24-ref.png              |binary
 test/glyph-cache-pressure.c                              |   96 
 test/leaky-dash.c                                        |    3 
 test/paint-source-alpha-pdf-argb32-ref.png               |binary
 test/scale-source-surface-paint-pdf-argb32-ref.png       |binary
 test/text-pattern-pdf-argb32-ref.png                     |binary
 test/text-pattern-ps-argb32-ref.png                      |binary
 test/xlib-surface.c                                      |    9 
 101 files changed, 4446 insertions(+), 1765 deletions(-)

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