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Carl Worth cworth at freedesktop.org
Tue Jul 3 17:46:30 PDT 2007

 src/news/2007/07/03/cairo-wiki.mdwn |    5 +++--
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit a3c927962bc5ac5ea906c865df926048ad04c664
Author: Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
Date:   Tue Jul 3 17:46:00 2007 -0700

    Fix mis-characterization of MarkDown emphasis markers

diff --git a/src/news/2007/07/03/cairo-wiki.mdwn b/src/news/2007/07/03/cairo-wiki.mdwn
index 9b1b2aa..6628d1b 100644
--- a/src/news/2007/07/03/cairo-wiki.mdwn
+++ b/src/news/2007/07/03/cairo-wiki.mdwn
@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@ benefits of the new setup:
 * RSS/Atom feeds for news items, automatic update of front page with
   latest news.
-* Syntax is more sane, (uses [MarkDown][3] which uses _italics_ and
-  *bold* rather than insane ''italics'' and '''bold''').
+* Syntax is more sane, (uses [MarkDown][3] which uses either
+  \_underscores_ or \*asterisks* to indicate _emphasis_ rather than
+  insane ''italics'' and '''bold''').
 * Completely integrated with git, meaning:

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