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 Documentation for cairo is an area that could always be greatly
 improved. Contributions are very welcome!
-# Manual
+Primary sources
+Here are the most useful starting points:
-  * [API reference manual](/manual/) not complete yet, but still
-    useful. Please send suggestions for improvement to the [[cairo
-    mailing list|lists]] or file bugs against the [cairo bugzilla
-    product](https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=cairo).
+  * [[Frequently asked questions|FAQ]]: Save yourself some time by
+    reading this early
-# Frequently Asked Questions
+  * [API reference manual](/manual/): Function-by-function reference
-We've begun maintaining a list of [[frequently_asked_questions|FAQ]]
-along with answers.
+  * [[Cookbook]]: Simple recipes for drawing
+Other information that might be of interest:
+  * [[Roadmap]]: Features planned for upcoming release
+  * [[Todo]]: Other ideas, (not yet on the [[roadmap]])
+  * [[Bibliography]]: Where the good ideas came from
+Off-site material
+Here is a collection of pointers to articles that have been written
+elsewhere about cairo. Many of these articles might provide good
+inpiration for generating new primary-source documentation. As we
+improve the primary documentation to cover the same material that is
+covered below, we can drop items from the following list, (or at least
+move the links to some other page). For example, I'd really like to
+have one, really good tutorial hosted here on cairographics.org rather
+than having to rely on pointing to so many assorted tutorials, (some
+of which are quite stale).
 # Tutorials
@@ -63,18 +82,6 @@ along with answers.
     and Keith Packard, presented at the Linux Symposium in July 2003.
     This is from before Xr was renamed to cairo.
-# To Do List
-See the [[todo]] and [[roadmap]] files for areas where help is needed
-and development is heading.
-# Bibliography
-A few references to research paper that was referenced during the
-implementation of cairo have been collected as a cairo
-[[bibliography]]. This will be most useful for people working on cairo
-rather than for people learning how to use cairo.
    [1]: http://www.tortall.net/mu/wiki/CairoTutorial
    [2]: http://www.gnomejournal.org/article/34/writing-a-widget-using-cairo-and-gtk28
    [3]: http://gnomejournal.org/article/36/writing-a-widget-using-cairo-and-gtk28-part-2

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