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    Rearranged getting with git section to be less Linux-centric

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@@ -122,10 +122,17 @@ cairo mailing list with "git format-patch origin". To compile the
 clone, you need to run ./autogen.sh initially and then follow the
 instructions in the file named INSTALL.
-Note: If you can't find git packages for your distribution, (though
+### Git under Linux/UNIX
+If you can't find git packages for your distribution, (though
 check for a git-core package as well), you can get tar files from
+### Git on Windows
+There is a port of git to the [Cygwin](http://www.cygwin.com/) environment.
+## CVS repository for supporting modules
 Previously, cairo was maintained with cvs. Some of the supporting
 modules for cairo, (such as language bindings), are still maintained
 with cvs. You may browse these sources using the [webcvs

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