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diff --git a/src/pycairo/resources.mdwn b/src/pycairo/resources.mdwn
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--- a/src/pycairo/resources.mdwn
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 [[meta title="Pycairo resources"]]
-Various useful resources about [[python cairo bindings|pycairo]].
+Various useful resources about [[python_cairo_bindings|pycairo]].
 Feel free to contribute !
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Feel free to contribute !
 Currently there is no Python specific cairo API documentation. However there is the [cairo C documentation](/manual) which can be useful.
 # Tutorials
-  * [[An Introduction to Cairo with Python|pycairo/tutorial]]: the wiki tutorial.
+  * [[An_Introduction_to_Cairo_with_Python|pycairo/tutorial]]: the wiki tutorial.
   * [Cairo Tutorial for Python (and other) Programmers][1]: Generic introduction to cairo concepts oriented to python.
   * [Cairo Tutorial for PyGTK Programmers][2]: Tutorial about how to use cairo for drawing in [PyGTK](http://www.pygtk.org).
   * _Writing a widget using cairo and PyGTK 2.8_ [Part 1][3], [Part 2][4]: A translation of the GNOME Journal tutorial by Davyd Madeley from C to Python.

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